Vascular Access and Extracorporeal Legacy

Ash Access Technology, Inc. is a medical device company focused for decades on the safety and efficacy of vascular access breakthroughs. Many patients worldwide have benefited directly from the innovations of nephrologist, serial inventor and Chief Scientist Dr. Stephen R. Ash with his research team in the labs, and the commercialization and fundraising talents of CEO Robert B. Truitt. The company drove a consistent pipeline of commercial successes and has now reached legacy status, with many of its technologies and products spun out into new companies, acquired, or out-licensed to other companies. Here are some breakthrough products that are making a difference today.

Licensed Products & Technologies

Ash Access Technologies and a sister company, HemoCleanse, Inc. created a diverse pipeline of products in vascular access and sorbent based technologies.  Several significant products were licensed in the last few decades.
Zurex Pharma and ZuraGard Product

ZuraGard™ Skin Prep

Centros® Catheters​

Merit Medical licensed Ash Access Technology's central line hemodialysis catheters that are designed to eliminate fibrous sheaths and other causes of catheter failures in long-term use.

7% Sodium Citrate Catheter Locks​

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation licensed Ash Access Technology's novel catheter lock solutions to maintain catheter patency, extending the length of time a catheter can remain viable in a patient.

Biologic-DT™ Liver Dialysis Unit™

HemoCleanse's innovation to treat liver failure and serious drug overdose through an extracorporeal charcoal-based sorbent system was the first liver support device approved to market by the FDA. It was licensed to HemoTherapies, but they faltered in their commercialization efforts. Permutations on the market today echo Dr. Ash's early breakthroughs.

Ash SplitCath®​

HemoCleanse, Inc licensed the Ash SplitCath® to MedComp® in the 1990's. This catheter's novel split-tip quickly became the most popular design of central catheters for dialysis in the world.

Spinoff Acquisitions

Two spinoff companies that HemoCleanse created were based upon licensed products developed in the labs of HemoCleanse.  These spinoffs and related products were acquired by major companies. Products were successful clinically, and one is a major market success today (Lokelma®).

Decades of Innovation Created A Legacy of Difference​

Around the world millions of patients have benefited from the safer products born out of Ash Access Technology, Inc. and Dr. Ash’s compassion for patients, brilliant problem-solving mind and prolific inventions.  Because of that and Bob’s commercialization efforts, and the team that surrounded them, thousands of dedicated physicians have been grateful for products that make their patients more comfortable and live longer, and millions of families had better outcomes and a higher quality of life for their loved ones. We are truly grateful for the privilege of making a difference to so many.

Ongoing Sorbent and Vascular Access Research

HemoCleanse, Inc.

Dr. Ash and colleagues continue to develop medical breakthroughs as HemoCleanse Technologies, LLC. Now "in the works" are:
  • an oral sorbent medication to remove multiple toxins of kidney failure
  • a simpler and safer method for inserting needles for dialysis therapy
  • a radically new type of vascular access for dialysis and
  • a greatly improved design for peritoneal dialysis catheters